Square Scrub EBG machines

Square Scrub Harter Supply
Square Scrub’s EBG machines are American Made. Our EBG Surface Preparation Machines offer removable weights (optional on some models), a minimum 1.5hp, 1725rpm motor, powder coated 10 gauge steel, heavy duty frame, and 6”x2” non-marking ball-bearing wheels heavy duty ¾” solid steel axle. Removable weights not only make our to transport but allow users to tailor the weight to suit their project needs.

With Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines, the process is not only more user Cheap Adidas Shoes friendly, it is environmentally friendly as well. Operators manpower savings through our chemical free process. Where chemical stripping requires a minimum of two people, the Square Scrub chemical free process requires only one. With Square Scrub Surface Preparation Machines, operators will use significantly less water, wax and other chemicals. . Our pads are made of recycled materials and at less than 73 decibels – the Square Scrub is ultra QUIET. Harter Supply is an authorized distributor! Call for special pricing!